Tips for Glassware Rentals Ontario

Parties and events are never complete without raising the toast, and raising the toast with classy glassware raises the bar. Hosting a party in Ontario is now easy just call Classe Party Rentals, Ontario and place your order for glassware rentals Ontario. Here are some tips for choosing the right glassware for your party:

glassware rentals Ontario

The right size

Glassware is available in many varieties and styles. Choose the one that best matches your personality and goes with the theme of your party. Firstly, go by your personal preference when choosing glassware for a party. Consider if you like large ones that are statement pieces or smaller ones that offer convenience and mobility. If you are expecting a large crowd at the bar counter, then it may be wise to go for larger glassware to prevent lineups.

Shape it up

The next aspect to consider is the shape of the glassware. It is important to note that the shape of a glass is designed for a purpose, not just aesthetics. For instance, wine and champagne are served in specialty glassware as the shape influences its smell and texture and taste. So, choose the right shape of glassware based on the drinks you plan to serve at the party.

Color and clarity

Though clear glassware points to classic and traditional, you are not bound to this rule. With so many designs and colors of glassware available, it is good to consider experimenting, especially if yours is an informal gathering. However, do keep in mind that some guests may not like to distort the original hues of their drinks. So, keep the option open by keeping some clear glassware as well.

Specialty glassware

Glassware is for the teetotaler party as well. For instance, if you are hosting a party for children or a mixed crowd then you may want to include specialty glassware for serving mocktails, soft drinks, milkshakes and other non-alcoholic beverages. Mason jars, milkshake glass, punch cups are some ideas to consider.

Other glassware

Glassware is not just for serving drinks. You may add other items of décor like vases, crystal balls and stemware decor to the list of glassware rentals. You may also add functional items such as pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, ashtrays and hurricane lamps.