The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Party Rentals Pomona

Outdoor parties and events are a lot of fun and hosting them can be more fun, provided you have the right party rental provider in place. Here are some top tips for hosting an outdoor birthday bash with fabulous outdoor party rentals Pomona.

Outdoor Party Rentals

Make a list

It may seem like you have everything registered on the top of your brain. But trust me, making a list of party essentials you need to hire cannot be over-emphasized. Simply put it takes the pressure off you and leaves nothing to chance. The most common outdoor party essentials you will need are: tables, chairs, tableware, flatware, catering supplies and linen. If the party in question is a wedding or a charity event then the preparations are more elaborate. In this case you will have to pay special attention to the decor and party equipment as well.

Get the pricing right

You will agree that the cost of organizing a small backyard party is far less than that of a large one. To begin with, get a copy of the price list before you finalize on the items you want to rent out for your party. Consider hidden costs such as minimum order limit and pickup and delivery charges. Before you finalize consider comparing prices online and leave scope for negotiation.

Décor ideas

The list of items needed for decorating a large-sized outdoor party can be never-ending. The options for wedding and event decor are so wide – from tents and canopies to drapes and chandeliers, you can go on adding items as you go. But the trick is to stick to the theme and work around it rather than being all over the place.

Keep a check

Yes, you got me right. While you are playing the host it is difficult to oversee the delivery, pickup and rest of the arrangements, especially since it is an outdoor event. It is always a good idea to get help. Have one of your friends take care of the delivery and pickup of the party rentals. Give them the receipt and have the items counter checked for anything missing or damages. If you receive items without checking, then you will most often end up paying for the missing or damaged goods.