Incredible Garden Wedding Party Ideas

Outdoor wedding are the flavor of the season. With spring at its helm, planning a garden wedding is easier. Here are four tried and tested garden wedding party ideas for you to explore and choose.

1. Classic Garden Wedding

If you have a family cottage with a large garden attached to it, then it is the right place to host a classic garden wedding party. Use a floral theme for the decor. Place tables on the lawn to seat 20 guests per table. When hiring tableware make sure it blends with the floral theme or in shades of neutral or nude. The idea is to let the garden bring its color to the event. Similarly, choose pastel shades for table linen. Use ribbons and floral pom-poms for the décor. Lastly, make sure the chairs blend with the ambience. Transparent chairs are very much in vogue. They do not hide the lawn and give an illusion of space as well.

2. Farm to Table Wedding

Planning your wedding party in the farm is the best way to enjoy the special day, away from the urban milieu. When in a farm, do not restrict yourself only to the garden area – use the entire property. You can set the table under the barn. Choose flowers from the garden, arrange them in weaved market baskets and use them for the décor. Think French style when it comes to table linen and serveware. Accessorize the chairs with cushions to make the seats comfortable.

3. Glamorous Garden Wedding

We all know that black and white goes well with green. You can use this formula to create magic at your glamorous garden wedding. Going by the theme, order white and green floral décor for the venue. Choose off white linen and table ware. In this context, choosing glassware for the dinner and crystal for décor sounds apt. Go with cushioned pinewood chairs to refrain from getting monotonous, yet maintaining the nude theme. Finish off with string lights and mini lanterns for the lighting.

4. Watercolors inspired Garden Wedding

Dreamy landscapes and delicate diffuse lines of watercolors can be an inspiration for your garden wedding party. A pastel palette will keep the ambience soft and romantic. Dress your tables in white and layer linen and tableware over it. This way the soft colors will pop-out of the table just like watercolors on the blank canvas. On the same lines, go for gold plated flatware so that they blend with the surroundings, but are visible too. Embellish desserts and condiments with real flowers from the garden.