Garden Wedding Rentals to Make your Dream a Reality

Decided to have garden wedding? Celebrating your wedding outdoors can add an amazing scenic backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception. The only thing you want to make sure is whether it requires a tent or not. Don’t think about purchasing a tent, just plan to rent a good one. Through this you can save a lot of money.Garden Wedding Rentals

So, what you need to know while renting a wedding tent:

Type of wedding tent: Pole tents and frame tents are two basic types of garden wedding tents. Though the kind of material they made may vary, but the style remains the same. Pole tent rentals are best for grass as they have to be stacked. These tents have at least one center pole, sometimes even more than one. Whereas frame tents are suitable on any kind of surfaces. This tent doesn’t have any pole in the center, so it gives more inside area.

Size of wedding tent: The size of the wedding tent you are going to choose will depend on the number of guests invited to the party. Here are the details that give you an idea:

  • For 100 guests – a 30×60 pole tent
  • For 140 guests – 40×60 pole tent
  • For 200 guests- 40×80 pole tent

Apart from the wedding tent, sometimes you may need items like sidewalls, lighting, flooring, heaters/fans, liners/draping, dance floor, etc.

Sidewalls are the elements that can be raised for ventilation and can be lowered to protect from elements. If you want privacy, you can consider renting solid white vinyl sidewalls. For a more outdoor look, you can consider clear vinyl or walls with windows. With carefully chosen decorations, the effect of a wedding under a tent can be magical.