How To Decorate Wedding Tent Rentals?

Wedding TentSearching for ideas on how to decorate your wedding tent rentals? Here are some really good ideas that may help in decorating your wedding tent.

Selecting a general wedding decoration scheme for occasions on tent rentals is not different from designing a look for any kind of party. Select the theme or style that fits your venue and budget. Choose the flowers, lighting, tablecloths, chairs, and centerpieces that fit your venue and budget.

Traditional white wedding tent rentals: These are simple and elegant wedding tents. Decorate the tent with tan carpet, traditional style flowers, and gilt chairs.

Traditional white tents with contemporary accent: Use grey carpet and silver chairs to give modern look. The whole setup will give a strong contemporary feel instead of the classic white.

Simple and effective look: You will get more natural and modern look with lanterns and large bare branches put across the roof and around the poles.

Stripy tents: These are best suitable for a fun event. Any color with white canvas works well for beach wedding with open sides.

Lining and flooring: Traditionally decorated wedding tents are lined and the walls are draped with a silky fabric for a sensuous and luxurious look. You can use plain or striped, white or colored, smooth or crushed. To get classic tent decoration linens work well. Linen rentals are not an essential thing; you can also use unlined tents that are available for low cost. They are a modern and informal style of wedding.

When it comes to choose flooring, there are various choices, such as carpets, sisal or matting, hardwood floor, and nothing at all.

Poles: Consider renting poles for your tent. Unadorned metal poles work well with contemporary or minimalist styles, or with informal events with open sides. But for canvas with poles, the poles need to be considered as they can look too functional alongside classic or themed decor.