Keeping Guests Warm Under The Party Tent!

Tent-RentalsWant to rent a party tent for your next outdoor affair? When you want to organize your party under a tent, you need to take various safety considerations in keeping your guests comfortable and also in renting the party essentials.

Not only you need to keep your guests out of the sun or rain, also you need to keep them comfortable till the end of the event.

Nobody remembers your great party food or fabulous DJ, if the environment inside the tent is uncomfortable to the guests. The only thing your guests will remember is sweating or freezing and being miserable throughout the event.

To make the party unforgettable, ensure that your guests feel comfortable and happy, either in a tent or on your patio.

Here are some guidelines to keep your guests warm on a chilly night:

Usually, there are two types of heaters to use in your rental rent, one is direct-fired and the other is indirect fired. It is better to rent indirect fired units, as they can eliminate combustion. Combustion can make your eyes burning, nausea and dizziness.

Direct-fired units work as patio heaters and are 7-foot high. These typical aluminum umbrellas reflect the heat down towards your guests.

  • Use patio heaters in very chilly temperatures, but not under cold temperatures.
  • Patio heaters spread heat between 12-15 feet in all the directions.
  • It is best to use one patio heater for three to four guest tables.
  • Also, these heaters are best to use for patios and decks.